The Company

Paulee CleanTec aims to be the world leader in the collection and disposal of pet waste through its brand AshPoopie, and to branch out to human waste treatment with future products that similarly turn feces into odorless, sterile ash.

Our Team

Oded Halperin

Oded Halperin, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member

Entrepreneur for over 25 years. Oded is one of the inventors, founded the Company and has been actively involved in the funding and furtherance of its business. BA in Economics and Business Management from the London School of Economics

Prof. Oded Shoseyov

Prof. Oded Shoseyov, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

Prof. Shoseyov is a faculty member of the Robert H. Smith Institute for Plant Science and Genetics, The Otto Warburg Minerva Centre for Biotechnology at the Faculty of Agriculture Food and Environment and the Nano Science Center of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Oded has published more than 150 scientific publications and won patents in protein engineering and nano-biotechnology. He received the 2002Outstanding Scientist Polak Award and the 1999 Kay Award. Oded previously helped found three other successful biotechnology companies: CollPlant Ltd., a biotechnology company that manufactures human recombinant collagen in transgenic plants; CBD Technologies Ltd.; and Fulcrum-SP Ltd. He earned his PhD from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Yael Pinchuk

Yael Pintchuk, Founder

Yael earned bachelor’s master’s degrees in the field of cognitive-behavioral therapy. In the last five years, she has worked in the departments of psychotherapy at Tel HaShomer Hospital, Abarbanel Hospital for the Mentally Ill, and other mental-health institutions.

Adv. Moshe Hibel

Moshe Hibel, Founder, CFO and Secretary

Moshe Hibel is a partner in a law firm specializing in commercial law and taxation. Moshe earned a bachelor’s degree in law from Bar-Ilan University’s College of Management, and a master’s degree (with distinction) in commercial law from the same university.

Tal Hibel

Tal Hibel, Founder, Director

Tal is an engineer with wide experience in the field of communications, management, design and project planning. He previously managed projects for Cellcom and at other companies in Israel and in the United States

Dr. Ilan Cohen

Dr. Ilan Cohen, NED and External advisor

Ilan, the director at Lem Holding SA as of 2010, is president and CEO of the Israel-based companies Servotronix Motion Control Ltd. and Servotronix Motion Systems Ltd.


Our Mission

Our aim is to better our world through cleaner, greener, cities and neighborhoods, and to the world leader in high-quality, easy-to-use, environmentally responsible consumer products for pet owners.