The devices shown below are currently at the conceptual stage. It is hoped that the actual devices will be available for purchase by the end of 2013.
The reason for the delay in producing the AshPoopie devices follows the receipt of a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for the production of the next generation toilet for the Third World. Because this issue is of the highest priority Paulee CleanTec have focused most of their resources on this project.

Tired of bending down to pick up your dog’s smelly poop, putting it in a plastic bag and finding someplace to dump it? AshPoopie® by Paulee CleanTec gives you a revolutionary, hygienic and “green” solution for disposing of your dog’s waste, without bending or stooping. Simply insert an AshPoopie cartridge into the wand and press a button to telescope the AshPoopie arm over the droppings. Press another button to scoop the poop. A capsule is released from the cartridge to transform your dog’s droppings into odorless, harmless ash in less than a minute. You can then safely dispose of the 100% sterile, odorless ash in the trash or in your garden as mulch. When you’re done, retract the AshPoopie to its compact carrying size and that’s it. No cleaning, no bending, no plastic bags, no smell. It even lights up so it’s a snap to use on nighttime walks.

We expect AshPoopie to be available in your favorite pet supply stores in early 2012 for a suggested retail price of USD $ - will be revealed at a later stage.


Parts Specifications

parts specifications
  • 1) 12-volt rechargeable battery
  • 2) Carrying handle
  • 3) Charging output
  • 4) Charging input
  • 5) On-off button
  • 6) Telescope button
  • 7) Gripper
  • 8) Telescoping rod
  • 9) Lower part 9a.Cartridge base
  • 10) External cover
  • 11) 12-volt LED lighting
  • 12) Pull-out capsule cartridges
  • 13) Capsule A
  • 14) Capsule B
  • 15) 12-volt CD geared motor
  • 16) Upper cover with capsule intake
  • 17) Hard silicon blade
  • 18) Copper cleaning brushes
  • 19) Lower metallic blender
  • 20) External shovels
  • 21) Internal shovels

The Problem

Throughout the Western world, local authorities are facing an uphill battle against the increasing amounts of dog droppings on sidewalks, parks and lawns. In the United States alone, pet dogs produce more than ten billion tons of excrement each year. No matter how you collect your dog’s droppings, you’re just moving the problem from one place to another, putting a strain on the sewage system and on the environment, since even “biodegradable” plastic bags don’t break down for many years. And despite laws and fines, many irresponsible dog owners choose to leave their dogs’ droppings fouling the sidewalks and the air, rather than deal with the mess and smell.
That’s not only nasty for aesthetic reasons. Dog excrement is one of the central causes of Coliform bacteria leaching into and contaminating underground aquifers, creating a public health problem with the water we drink.


How is AshPoopie better than a standard pooper-scooper?

Collecting dog waste in a disposable bag and then discarding in the nearest trash bin creates ecological problems from the waste itself and from all that plastic. It doesn’t matter whether you gather the poop with a bag or with a pooper-scooper device – either way, you are simply passing on the problem to the trash bin and adding harmful plastic to the waste stream. AshPoopie is the world’s first and only safe, odorless, “green” solution for transforming droppings into harmless ash you can dispose of anywhere. The solution is perfect even for dog-owners who might otherwise leave their pet’s mess for others to step in.

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Paulee CleanTec AshPoopie Scooper